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First Post on Virtualized Server

First Post on Virtualized Server

I finally had time and money to get 2 sticks of 16 GB ram to replace my old 4x4GB sticks which doubled how much memory I have on this server and I also doubled my SSD space and quadroupled my HDD space. This whole process allowed me to use ESXi which is a hypervisor I run off a surprisingly high-capacity flashdrive I got for free from Microcenter during this whole process. I took my old 2 drives out of my server and put the new (2 TB SSD and 4 TB HDD) drives in and started everything fresh. I can’t get anything off my old drives until I get my PC back home where I’ll probably use SFTP locally instead of on a different network so I can upload everything incredibly fast then figure out what I want to keep from there.

I chose a different theme for my site and am still using Jekyll this time, but this theme seems more feature-rich. It’s called Chirpy and that link will take you to the GitHub repository where it is hosted. I’m still having issues with apache and SSL because I somehow misconfigured something while installing pterodactyl panel. It might be smart to just start over but I have spent the last 2 days on this and want to figure out what’s wrong instead of scrapping it so I can fix it if something like this happens later on.

I’m also finally getting around to learning about virtualhosts so I can hopefully fix this SSL issue that makes it so accessing my site outside of shinytreecko.com doesn’t always go to the pterodactyl panel and instead goes to the default Apache page until I figure out what I want to put there.

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